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9/11 Conspiracy Theories (Part 1)

As I said yesterday, I will probably focus this blog to speak against conspiracy theorists…really because they are conspiracy terrorists. They speak evil lies, and pretty much shake up people for no good reason. So the title of today’s blog is somewhat related to them. The 9/11 attack was an act of terrorism and so is the behavior of conspiracy theorists. All because they can’t have a good time living in their mother’s basements.

So let’s get into this…shall we?

Let’s bring up the conspiracy theory for anyone that has been living underseas for over 10 years: people (idiots) believe that the 9/11 terrorist attack in NYC was something conducted by the Bush administration so that there is a way to get into Iraq and go to war. Although I am not going to justify every decision an administration makes and although I personally think the war in Iraq was/is foolish, in no way can I believe or even say that a president would kills his own citizens just to go to war (so more killings.) Although leaders are known for some lack of empathy towards their citizens (look at communist leaders) in no way could the leader of the free world practically murder thousands of people and traumatize a bunch of people (and the whole country) for years to come. It just doesn’t make sense you know what I am saying? And I mean, since the terrorists took pride in the attack, then why should we believe that President Bush was responsible for the attack? I mean there you have the criminal saying “I did!” but like it isn’t enough, we need to start destabilizing the internal systems of our great country.

That is why I call conspiracy theorists terrorists and I really do believe they are bullies living in their mother’s basements. Let me describe them for you: in most cases fat, lazy, not very educated and never work on one thing (well, they never work at all so let alone focus on one thing.) Their minds are all over the place, they are not respectful family members and always have some stupid conspiracy idea that he/she isn’t even capable of thinking of be himself…but rather recycle what Alex Jones or other morons say. Even Mr. Jones admitted (indirectly through his lawyers) at a lawsuit that he is full of s***t because it sells. I mean they are the geniuses…the other people consuming this information are a bunch of losers that have nothing to show for in their lives. So they basically screw up the lives of people around them. I can tell you: conspiracy theory is a mental illness that needs treatment. And I am saying this with all the seriousness and respect mental illnesses need and require. I honestly don’t like mocking conspiracy theorists because it really is a serious problem that needs to be solved. Or our entire world will go nuts. Luckily, those aren’t the ones that get the TV programs…but even if you need to listen to an Alex Jones that can be irritating.

Getting back to 9/11 we all know that airplanes flying from Boston crashed into the World Trade Center and the amount of burning fuel melted the metals so the buildings collapsed. Anything else people can say well…is just garbage.

What do you think? Am I being too hard against these idiots? Let me know!

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