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9/11 Conspiracy Theories (Part 2)

So this post is obviously a second part of the first terrific post about this subject. Basically in the latest article we focused on conspiracy theories involving the people that would conduct such a horrific attack. Although we all know it was Middle Eastern terrorist organizations, people seem to believe in a bad evil US president. What can you do with idiots…right?

In this article, we will talk about the conspiracy theories involving the buildings themselves and how they collapsed. Turns out these conspiracy jerks even understand commercial construction and engineering to say that airplanes could not (with the help of a lot of fuel) take the buildings down. I won’t be going against them alone though. In today’s article, I will have a good friend of mine chip in with his great knowledge. He isn’t just a random person I found off the Internet, but rather the best demolition contractor in Atlanta, GA who is willing to provide some sense (common sense.) First off, for people saying that the burning fuel would not be enough to melt the metal structure, please attend an elementary school physics class because your brains are filled with rotten crap – probably that mold in the basement.

Now people will say: how was it possible for a building to crash down to the ground when it was hit from on top? Fair point I may say…but: it was hit exactly at the top of the tower but somewhere towards the upper part. When those steel supports broke off, you had all this weight that came crashing down and then basically as each floor crashed, you had a domino effect. Which is why the building going down was such as horrific site (it was perfect in a sense of it not going to the side etc.) So at the place where the airplane struck the building, you had weak supports above and below that floor. So when the top floors collapsed, the ones below were already weak and with all the weight that came crashing down, there was a big domino effect. The more floors dropped, the faster the crash. People also say “explosions were heard.” When it comes to explosions I can say two things:

  1. No explosions were reported by anyone (aside of some firefighters that were living the creepiest day of their lives)
  2. If any explosions did take place, it could easily be the plane fuel igniting.

Let me put it in simple words: there would be no way to set explosives to the building in a professional way. People would not notice? So let me get this straight: people are smart enough to figure out a “corrupt and evil government” figure out the engineering of demolition but aren’t observatory enough to see people setting explosives on the building the night before? Give me a break! And stop the nonsense. I had a professor introduce me to something tend to do a lot: he called it “bull-shitting.” So basically people, if you have nothing better to do with your lives:

  • Open a book to try and understand why your conspiracy doesn’t make sense
  • Stop being a conspiracy theorist. You might as well associate yourself with a psychopath.

What about that other smaller building that wasn’t hit but got crushed too? Did people set explosives there? Of course not! Who would detonate the explosion, who would have planted the explosives and who would be the mastermind behind all this that would never be discovered? Do you understand the consequences of the attacker? The death penalty off the tallest building in NY. Who would ever dare conduct such an attack except for Muslim terrorists that don’t fear death and don’t cherish life.

So how did that smaller building actually crash to the ground? Well, basically a bunch of flying debris was able to damage it enough so it has serious problems. It is common sense. Oh and no airplane shot rockets to the buildings before they crashed. It was regular airplanes with filled tanks of kerosene that created large fires which reached huge temperatures. Was the Iraq war a result of the world trade center crashing down to the ground? Of course! But it was not done to invade Iraq. It just benefited Bush’s administration and an effort to get into the oil rich areas of the middle east.

I really do believe a bunch of people will attack me in the comments or private messages. Feel free!

And as always…come back!

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