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Buying Real Estate On The Moon Or Mars

Hey guys, so when I was reading some things online to prepare for this second post for today, an idea struck me: can someone actually invest in real estate in space?

I did some reading and was convinced this should be the topic of the next post. If you remember, we have mentioned before, how people have participated in acts of fraud and this real estate in space is not so different. Basically if you Google something related to this topic, you will find a couple companies claiming to be the only legitimate businesses that can work as brokers for real estate in moon or Mars. And then of course if you read the thin small letters, you will see that the only thing they sell you (at a great bargain by the way) is a certificate. I won’t even go through the trouble of linking to these “companies” because they are based on fraud and deception: something I dearly hate!


Basically the idea of real estate on mars has to do with providing very good gifts to people and strike conversations about space inhabitant abilities etc. But in reality you should know that if in fact you do pay $100 for an acre of land on the Moon or Mars, you won’t be getting anything more than a piece of paper. Why? Well because I dare you to go fence your property and protect it from invaders. And by the way, nor can this company do this. They have tried reaching out to US officials to get licenses, but since according to International law no one really can own mars and space, then no one can protect your property either. And no one can buy or sell property there:

  1. Because there is no volume
  2. Because it’s just not something that has been licensed and regulated for businesses to do

So please do yourself a favor and don’t fall for this trap and fraudulent behavior. I would really like to sue this company, but my fear is they are a bunch of millennials living in their mother’s basements so they won’t be able to pay me anything when I win. The good news is, people aren’t that stupid and there are actually some forums that talk about this being bulls**t. Moral of the story? Whenever you read something online, always cross check it. When I personally read this real estate fiction, I was over the moon (speaking of space) and was very excited to learn more about this. But not for very long…

There is no doubt in my mind that part of the reason companies like TESLA and others are trying to get to Mars etc is to be able to own real estate and that is a noble cause of course. It really would be amazing for people to be able to live there and whoever holds the real estate there would be in an incredible position. But at this given time, there is absolutely no one that has authority on the moon or space. So please don’t fall for the false and full of lies promises and statements.

Let me know if you have any questions. As always, come back for more interesting topics of discussion and our little community.

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