2012 Planet Alignment

Your Questions About Planet Alignment

Your Questions About Planet Alignment

William asks…

Why is it so important for us to keep our space exploration going?

Could it just be that: Why is it, do you suppose that we as Americans have this fascination with space? I mean sure its interesting to think about where you are in alignment with the rest of the planets and to look out and see a place “where no man has gone before!” But think about how much money in taxes and government funded programs America spends every year on NASA? How much? And why? Why is America and the higher ups so enthralled with the fucking space thing? Think of how much money could be well spent on all of the other problems we have as a country? How in-debt are we? How many billions of dollars?
I’ll tell you why the money is spent and why research is being so over killed in-depth: “because our government is searching for another planet!” Yes they are indeed because they know that this ones going to be ruined pretty soon and they are looking for logical ways of escaping. What better way to escape a problem “due to the green house gasses being released through fossil fuels and the utter reliance of fossil fuels” than to say fuck earth, I’m goin’ to mars.
And of course not everybody’s goin’ to Mars you know. Only the extremely wealthy and the politicians, everybody else is going to drown in the melted ice caps! And why should they care, they’ll be eating’ their freeze-dried ice-cream caviar and space fucking!
And the best part is that we are funding this expedition everyday when we get up and go to work and get our checks that have been both State and Federally cut apart!

MarekMuraze answers:

If the human race is going to evolve any further we must look for a new place to live. We are destroying this planet.

Charles asks…

If all the planets are in alignment is the gravity still the same on the moon?

Thank you Prncss-Prple I’m glad I can make you laugh.

MarekMuraze answers:

There’s never Gravity On the Moon, so yes the gravity is still the same as it was..None!

Sandy asks…

Is there any weird things going to happen in the sky for June-July? (like lunar eclispes & meteor showers)?

Like the solar eclispe that happened last night? And planet alignment things. Thanks! :)

MarekMuraze answers:

Eclipses, meteor showers, and alignments are not weird. They happen all the time.
Something weird would be like a ufo sighting. Yes, that would be weird.

Mary asks…

Do you agree that YA is absolutely rife with shocking spellers today?

Even more than usual. Must be a bad alignment of planets or something.

MarekMuraze answers:

Indeed. To my mind it’s a combination of poor education and a distinct lack of giving a toss.

Mandy asks…

Are there Physics people out there who can answer my questions?

I have a bunch of questions regarding the alignment of fictional planets I made up.

Is there a forum or something that I can post these Questions.

heres the jist
I want two green planets up close to each other.
so they can be seen on each others skies really up close.
I want both of them to be smaller than earth- 1/3 the size.
and one slightly bigger than the other.

I want both of them to be able to safely lay beside each other.
but to eventually collide.
what would happen if these two were to collide?
what would happen to gravity?
would it be possible for comets and loenids to flow backwards up the sky.

What would nightlight be like without a moon but with sunlight bouncing off a green planet.

How many days would be in each year?
how long would the days be?
what conditions would there need to be to make all this possible?
especially to make it that one of the planets had approx 40 days of pure what distance would the sun have to be?
Can I get some links and possibly some diagrams and co-ordinates?
40 DAYS OF PURE DARKNESS-I said 40 days of pure (oops!)
nope I’m no stoner.
I just want to base a story thats not on earth-most movies these days are based around New York and L.A
Even the lord of the rings was filmed in New Zealand and tolkiens story was based in a time and place based largely on earth.
Star Wars’s tatooine has two suns (oh wow! :( )
and all fantasy stories are based on fairy tales or the bible.
So I’m creating a place to base all my stories but first I wanted to investigate all the ins and outs instead of my astronomy being totally off!

MarekMuraze answers:

If you assume that the sun is the same sort of sun as ours, and that you want the same sort of temperatures on the planets, then you’ll want them to be the same distance from the sun as earth is, so the year will be the same as ours, 365 Earth days.

Your two planets are just like our earth/moon system except that they are closer to each other, so they will rotate around each other more quickly, and they are more equal in size – Earth is 81 times the mass of the moon, but yours are almost equal.

The month will be shorter because they are closer together. You can choose a value yourself for the length of the month.

You can have two possibilities for day: either the two planets rotate independently, and you can set the days on the two planets to anything you like, or they are locked together so that the day length is equal to the month length, and each planet will always keep the same face towards the other. In this case, the planet will always appear in the same position in the sky, as the Earth does when you are on the moon.

The best thing you can do is to study the Earth ./ Moon system and see what way it turns. Then you can do something similar or different to your imaginary system.

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Your Questions About Planets Align 2012

Your Questions About Planets Align 2012

Paul asks…

Will we all die in 2012?

Because like everyone says we will, and i don’t want to die! im only 14 :( I WANNA AT LEAST DRIVE >:( So will we die? If so, prove it! How will we die in 2012? If at all…. Whats all that stuff about the planets all aligning and stuff? Plz answer :) Oh, and does it really say where gona die in the bible?

MarekMuraze answers:

Err.. I don’t think so. Outside the world of American middle schools, people have either never heard of it or pay no attention because they’ve heard it all before.
Take a look around. Where are all the newspaper reports of imminent disaster in 2012? Why is this never on the TV news? There are two possibilities.
1) The only people who are aware that anything is expected to happen are new-age crazies and conspiracy nutcases. Every intelligent person in the world has somehow missed all the signs.
2) Nothing will happen and the whole thing is a hoax by people who love to attract attention, scare others and make money from the gullible.
Now tell me honestly. Which do you think is the more likely?

Mandy asks…

Is it the end of the world on December 21, 2012?

According to Nostradamus’ Quatrains and Falcenius’ (not sure if spelled right) symbols that other people (i forgot their specific names) tried to decipher, said that all of these things that happened in the past are warnings; such as Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunami. And not only these two people are saying it, although the bible doesn’t clearly say when…it still mentioned something about the judgement day; that “it” is coming and we have to prepare.

The people who tried to read the symbols said that on December 21, 2012 the planets including Earth will all be aligned and therefore since all planets have gravity they will pull each other and that to Earth will cause shaking that leads to earthquake, tsunami, and other terrifying things…which then the deciphers said it is either “1.) the end of the world” or “2.) something will happen like some sort of a new beginning, a new age” as it is said.

My question is, do you believe on this at all? I mean…I know the issue about Y2K was just the deciphers misreading a word which they thought was the end of the world, but this…they can’t be wanting another mistake right? So they must have really made sure the symbols were what they were exactly saying. What do yo upeople think?


MarekMuraze answers:

It’s just the end of the cycle for the Mayan calendar, nothing more. There will be a December 22, 2012, as well as a December 23rd and December 24th. People like speculating about the end of the world. In some screwy way, it comforts them to think that there are ways of predicting the end. I don’t understand it, myself. To me, it’s just pure superstition.

Thomas asks…

when was the last time all of the planets were aligned with the moon?

I’m not asking about anything that has to do with 2012 and all that crap ’cause honestly I could care less so I don’t want any answers with any of that crap about 2012 and the rest of that story. I only want to know what year, approximately, all of the planets were aligned with the moon last. I was also wondering, around how often does it happen ’cause I heard somewhere that it happens every 50 years but I wasn’t sure ’cause I don’t know how reliable the source was so any answers on that would be greatly appreciated.

MarekMuraze answers:

That depends on what you mean by aligned. If you mean when were all the planets aligned in space from the Sun outward, the answer is never. I blieve the odds I read for that is once in 13 trillion years. This is because the planets’ orbits are not all on the same plane. When you add in the Moon, the odds are pretty much nonexistent.
If you mean the appearance of alignment across the sky, “One calculation of alignments within around thirty degrees (about as close as they can get) shows that the last such alignment was in 561 BC, and the next will be in 2854. All nine planets are somewhat aligned every 500 years, and are grouped within 30 degrees every 1 to 3 alignments.”
The reason they are saying “all 9 planets” is that this was written before Pluto was declared a dwarf planet.

Robert asks…

Wouldn’t 2012 be a lie?

I think that 2012 is a lie because there is something everyone seems to be over looking. It isnt really the FIRST time the planets have aligned.

MarekMuraze answers:

The planets can’t align since they orbit the Sun at slightly different angles. They can get close, about once every several hundred years and very close every umpteen gazillion years but they won’t even be close in December 2012. They were close to a line up in the late 1950s and nobody noticed anything, because their combined gravitational pull on the Earth is a tiny fraction of that of the Moon.

Every word you have read or heard, every website, TV show and YouTube clip predicting disaster in 2012 contains superstition, delusion, factual errors and/or direct lies. Given the quality of the evidence, the only days in the near future on which the world is certain not to end are in December 2012. See 2012hoax.org

Linda asks…

2012; last question?

The last one I asked was at like 2 or 3a.m.
So, I only got 4 answers.
Is there any new updates with this Mayan calender?
Have they figured out if it’s just the end of that calender?
Like that year is supposed to be like the year 2000 for us?
I heard it doesn’t say anything about the world ending.
Is it true that 2012 is the end of a smaller cycle consisting of a 260 years.Kinda like the end of a year for us?Has this been provein?I mean didn’t God say he wouldn’t destroy the earth again? After Noah?And the whole aligned planets thing has happened before right?We know thier math and all that other shit is advance,but maby this grate change has to do with their religion.I know this keeps getting asked but I’m just freaked out.I don’t care if I die that day.I’ll be 24,so I’ve pretty much lived my life.But I have a kid and he’ll be 8.It just don’t add up. Can someone give me some facts that’s from 2008, not 2007?
I mean is there any new facts with this mayan calender?Laste I’ll aske.

MarekMuraze answers:

God didnt say anything…
It’s just what was put into a book.
Manipulated thousands of times.

Nibiru Is real.

Most Of the People who dont believe it, is just because they havnt seen it theirselves and wont actually take time to search the facts. The Idea that There were other planets than earth was ridiculous until they found it out theirselves.

I’m sure that even without a degree in Rocket Science, any of us can understand just how the arrival of a planetary sized object would impact the forces being applied against this planet, would have a major impact. Of late, we’re seeing our weather patterns change; major earthquakes reaching 9.0; storm of the century – every other week (or so it would seem) and let’s not forget the sudden increase in activity of volcano’s. Usually everyone just thinks of their religion as superior and all right. The fact is, if you research you’ll find that the events of the Bible just don’t add up with the time these events are said to have occurred. Next, one must consider that the stories of Jesus are a retelling of Pagan myth. Osiris was also a man-god who was born of a virgin and carried out miracles (which by the way closely parallel those of Jesus nearly word-for-word). If you consider that the Pagan’s worshipped many gods and that this belief system dates back long before the Biblical times, the stories of the Sumerian Tablets start to take on a whole new meaning.It would make sense that we will see huge advancements over the next few years as we approach this 2012 deadline. It would also make sense to consider that anytime from now through 2012 that the Anunnaki may be close enough to actually travel in ships to Earth in limited numbers. It would make sense for them to assume that not much has changed since their previous visit. To those who come in advance of their planet, their discoveries may be quite unique. It may even be an Anunnaki who is the “anti-Christ”. It would make sense that the Anunnaki would choose the region of former Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) for their return. The predictions speak of the anti-Christ coming from this region and gaining power in the European Union. It speaks of nations coming against Israel.

On a side note, it adds a new light to why the United States and its allies chose to attack Iraq at this time in our history. Are they perhaps preparing for the return of the Anunnaki?

Our nations are working on space based initiatives for planetary defense. Ronald Reagan spoke of threats from outside of this world in one of his speeches. He was the first to suggest a space based missile system (Star Wars). It would seem that our Government’s are already interacting with Aliens. Look at the advancement in our technology over the past 100 years. Are we being prepped for Armageddon?

Are we in the end-times? That is merely a matter of personal perception. The Earth isn’t going to end in 2012 and neither is life. If the Anunnaki are an advanced race and if they return in 2012 en masse, civilization as we know it may change forever. Look at the events of the past and the cycle of these events. It is pretty likely that the fall of the advanced civilizations will in most cases correlate with the cycle of the Anunnaki. Look at Egypt; Atlantis and other great early cultures. What happened to them? Where did they go? Were they becoming too advanced and a threat to the Annunaki? Did those with an understanding of their place in the universe ascend leaving only the materialistic individuals to service the gods? Have we advanced far enough in this phase of existence to be enough of a challenge to the Anunnaki?

Are You Ready?

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Your Questions About Planet Alignment

William asks…

A good website for Up-To-Date Astronomy/Space news?

Ok, so I have a huge interest in Astronomy, and i was wondering if there was a website i could find out about

updates from NASA (like there probes and what they are working on),

When there are events happening in the skies, like meteor showers, planet alignments.

And news about new planets and gallaxies being found.

I would appriciate it!
Thanks =)
These websites are great, Thanks!

MarekMuraze answers:

Here are some of my favorite Astronomical sites. I hope that you enjoy them! These should keep you busy for a while!













This one will alert you if the International Space Station is passing over you and when and where to look for it. It will also alert you of Iridium Flares too. Those are pretty cool and what most people mistake for UFO’s. They are actually just sunlight bouncing off of satellite panels but some are really bright.






Sharon asks…

Is there something in the air with the upcoming alignment of the planets??

It seems that there is a lot of cleaning house when it comes to relationships?? every day it is another long term relationship that is now ending ??? comments?? examples?? thoughts?
It just seems that it is more predominate at this time; sort of like the full moon effect ; I picked this section to see if it is just my inner circle of people and their relationships or really something out there ; this section would know !

MarekMuraze answers:

I think you are right. About 2 weeks ago my sister left her husband of 6 years. And 2 days ago a friend of mine said her husband of 4 years just left her. It’s definitely break-up season.

Susan asks…

Is it true that all of the planets line up every 5000 years?

I was watching Lara Croft Tomb Raider and part of the plot is that every 5000 years all of the planets are in alignment. Is this true or just some bunky Hollywood tale?

MarekMuraze answers:

Hollywood tale.

Mind you, the “Great Alignment” used to justify the Grand Tour by the Voyager probes was simply having the outer planet in the same quadrant (meaning: within 90 degrees of a line). Hardly an “alignment”.

Such an alignment is said to occur every 176 years.

However, if you are looking for a perfect alignment of 8 planets on a line (let’s say within one degree in heliocentric longitude), then it takes longer than the lifetime of the solar system (billions of years).

A true alignment is impossible since planets are not on the same orbital planes (one planet would pass several degrees above or below another). For example, if Venus were on the same orbital plane as Earth, we would see transits (Venus passing in front of the Sun) every 584 days (every 1 y and 7 months or so). Instead, transits of Venus are relatively rare. And when is the last time you have heard of a transit of Venus that was simultaneous with a transit of Mercury? Probably never (and that only involves 3 planets and the Sun).

Donald asks…

I’m a Virgo. Am I going through crisises because of the Saturn in my alignment?

Here goes my very dumb, astrology-uneducated question….

I’m a Virgo, born on September 16, 1983. Recently my co-worker, an astrology fanatic, told me that I have been going through life crisises for the past 2 -3 years of my life, because of planet Saturn in my alignment (I think that is what she said). She told me that at the end of October, or the beginning of November, it will move onto Libra, and my life will be easier.

Would that be true? Sorry if I’m getting the astrology thing all mixed up!

MarekMuraze answers:

I’m a virgo and i have heard the same thing…

Lizzie asks…

How can I determine the exact positions of the planets on my date of birth?

I had the idea to get a tattoo of the the solar system (with sun and planets represented by their greek symbols) with all of the planets in the exact alignment/positioning that they were on the day of my birth. How can I determine the planetary alignment of the solar system on that day?

MarekMuraze answers:

The orbital elements of the planets, approximately, are:

a = 0.3871
e = 0.2056
i = 7.004°
Ω = 48.318°
ω = 29.156°
T = 2455195.5

a = 0.7233
e = 0.0068
i = 3.395°
Ω = 76.652°
ω = 54.951°
T = 2455107.3

a = 1
e = 0.01671
i = 0
Ω = 0
ω = 102.97°
T = 2454836.1

a = 1.5237
e = 0.0934
i = 1.8489°
Ω = 49.530°
ω = 286.570°
T = 2454941.5

a = 5.2028
e = 0.0484
i = 1.3042°
Ω = 100.494°
ω = 274.255°
T = 2451305.3

a = 9.5365
e = 0.0538
i = 2.486°
Ω = 113.633°
ω = 338.923°
T = 2452816.1

a = 19.189
e = 0.0473
i = 0.773°
Ω = 74.021°
ω = 96.974°
T = 2439410.5

a = 30.07
e = 0.0086
i = 1.77°
Ω = 131.784°
ω = 273.149°
T = 2408052.1

a = 39.482
e = 0.249
i = 17.14°
Ω = 110.302°
ω = 113.762°
T = 2447799.6

Let t be the Julian date of your birth.

You can calculate the Julian date from a calendar date as follows:

Y = the four digit year
M = month of the year (1-12)
D = day of the month

A = integer((M−14)/12)
B = integer((1461(Y+4800+A))/4)
C = integer((367(M−2−12A))/12)
E = integer((Y+4900+A)/100)
F = integer((3E)/4)
t = B + C − F + D − 32075

For the Earth and for each of the other planets, do the procedure that appears between BEGIN and END.


Find the period, P, in days.

P = (365.256898326 days) a^1.5

Find the mean anomaly, m, in radians.

M₀ = (t − T) / P
m = 2π [ m₀ − integer(m₀) ]

Find the eccentric anomaly, u, in radians.

The Danby first approximation for the eccentric anomaly, u, in radians, is

u = m + (e − e³/8 + e⁵/192) sin(m) + (e²/2 − e⁴/6) sin(2m) + (3e³/8 − 27e⁵/128) sin(3m) + (e⁴/3) sin(4m)

The Danby’s method refinement for the eccentric anomaly.
U = m
. U = u
. F₀ = U − e sin U − m
. F₁ = 1 − e cos U
. F₂ = e sin U
. F₃ = e cos U
. D₁ = −F₀ / F₁
. D₂ = −F₀ / [ F₁ + D₁ F₂ / 2 ] . D₃ = −F₀ / [ F₁ + D₁ F₂ / 2 + D₂² F₃ / 6 ] . U = U + D₃
UNTIL |u−U| < 1e-14

Note that you will need double precision variables or better if you use a computer with Danby's refinement for the eccentric anomaly, unless you increase the error tolerance from 1e-14 to 1e-7.

Find the canonical position vector of the object in its orbit at time t.

X''' = a (cos u − e)
y''' = a sin u √(1−e²)
z''' = 0

Rotate the triple-prime position vector by the argument of the perihelion, ω.

X'' = x''' cos ω − y''' sin ω
y'' = x''' sin ω + y''' cos ω
z'' = z''' = 0

Rotate the double-prime position vector by the inclination, i.

X' = x''
y' = y'' cos i
z' = y'' sin i

Rotate the single-prime position vector by the longitude of the ascending node, Ω.

X = x' cos Ω − y' sin Ω
y = x' sin Ω + y' cos Ω
z = z'

The unprimed position vector [x,y,z] is the position in heliocentric ecliptic coordinates.


With the x and y components of rectangular heliocentric ecliptic position vector for each of the planets (ignore the z component), you can create a scale projection of the planets for the tattoo artist to use as a pattern. However, you might want to use a modified logarithmic scale for the distance from the sun, and renorm the values of x and y to this scale.

R = √(x² + y²)
X = (x/r) (log r)²
Y = (y/r) (log r)²

That will keep the angles the same, but make the tattoo more compact. If you do that, remember to use a distance unit that is less than the perihelion distance of Mercury. A unit of one million kilometers would do well. Then your values for R=√(X²+Y²) will range from 2.5 (for Mercury) to 15 (for Pluto). The tattoist could use centimeters.

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Your Questions About Planets Align 2012

John asks…

Ways to prepare for 2012 ( a dramatic change to the world ? )?

I am just wondering because I am bored ( by 2012 I will be on my final year ( hopefully ) at university for engineering )

so lets say that the mayans are going to be right, and our planet is going to align and all that crap and there will be disasters all around the world and we will enter the 5th age or finish it ( what ever it is…. ) so How would you prepare?

MarekMuraze answers:

Tell your college professors to make you a sandwich….and when you eat it it will contain the knowledge to the world…and you will know when it ends

Mary asks…

Do you believe 2012 will bring natural disasters and wipe out millions/billions of lives?

because the planets will be aligned so gravity is off or something..?

MarekMuraze answers:

No. And not because of the bible lol! But because all that prophecy stuff is just pure nonsense, whether it is from the bible or any other source.

Donald asks…

Is it true that in the year 2012?

the planets will align and we will feel a greater gravitational force here on earth…

MarekMuraze answers:

Winter solstice 2012 is just the revealing of the ‘antichrist’ or the ‘man of perdition’ at the mid-point of what Christians call the 7 year Tribulation (just subtract 1260 days to get the start and add 1260 days to get the end). Satanists and many pagan cultures from every corner of the world all throughout history have celebrated this like the Sumerians, Babylonians, Cherokee, Hopi, Chinese I-Ching (confirmed by Terence McKenna), Mayans (Pacal Votan; Chilam Balam of Tizimin, Mani, Chumayel; Jaguar Prophet), Egyptians, Celts, etc. This evil event is called “the abomination that causes desolation” that will be set up in the Jewish Temple’s Holy of Holies when the antichrist is imbued with the spirit of satan himself. When will Jesus come? Only God Himself knows exactly, but very soon in “the twinkling of an eye” and like “a thief in the night”. If you believe or not, that is up to you; either way it still comes.

Things to look for to PROVE it to yourself soon:

>Fall of America as an economic power and other ways. The buying up and consolidation of powerful banks and corporations by the government in a pretend “bail out” power grab to kill the U.S. Dollar and bring in a one world currency.
Crash of other American banks and the nation’s financial underpinning: Operation Sitting Duck
>The Big One: Revelation 18. America goes down on the list of fabled societies nobody believes in any more like Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria, Hyperborea, etc..
>Martial law. (Google some of Bush’s executive orders concerning it- Nightmarish!)
>The fallen ‘alien’ agenda: Implementation of Project Bluebeam (be ready to hear more and more ‘alien talk’ & watch your local skies for the show!)
Just in time for 2012! After decades of conditioning, billions will fall for it. Will you?
(2 Thessalonians 2:9-12)

>Revelation 13:16-18 Trying to make people first accept the REAL ID card (to get you in the system) and then right after forcibly implanting people with these RFID microchips- the coming ‘answer’ to the world economic crisis:
>The start of the North American Union and true globalization..
>Push to attack Iran which will start WW3-the atomic war to end all wars. (If you think China, Russia, and the Muslim world would just sit back, you are a mistaken fool!). Escalation of the Georgian/Russian & Indian/Pakistani conflicts.
>Final push to one world government: The New World Order- The 4th Reich! (The brutal final empire foreseen by the prophet Daniel and John the Revelator)
>Rise of a miraculous and awe inspiring world leader later to turn world dictator.
>Push to one world religion where there are “many ways to God”.
>Toleration of everything but Jews and Christians.
>Temporary and unheard of “peace in the middle east”.
>More world wide food shortages and famines.
>More earth quakes. More fires. Strange and severe weather.
>Major spiritual awakenings.
>Rise of Islamic fanaticism.
>Rise in wickedness and corruption.
>Take a few minutes to listen to what this young child uncovered:


Christians look forward to this as it means they will soon join their Saviour & Redeemer in the Millennial Kingdom of the next Age and their Heavenly Father later as “Children of Light”. If you try to equate 2012 with Y2K or some other date that cried wolf, then you will be making the worst mistake of your lifetime. Research all these things FOR YOURSELF!

Betty asks…

2012 who belives that?

Honestly if people think December 21 2012 is the end and the planets is suppose to align well I know what the bible says and it says no man kind will know when the world is suppose to end the anti Christ isn’t even here yet and the anti Christ is from the middle east it’s not obama or who ever is running for president for 2012. I do believe it will happen soon the world is destroying itself. People who are stocking up on food so can survive well it’s not true once Jesus comes back and you get left behind there want be nothing at ALL.

MarekMuraze answers:

• 2012 •

I haven’t met anyone who believed any of this yet.

The 2012 end of the world scenario is a purely secular and Pagan hoax. No responsible Jewish, Christian, or Muslim leader supports any of the “prophecies”.

One of several Mayan calendars is the Long Count calendar, which is reset to day 0 every 1,872,000 days or about 5125 years. The next reset date, by some calculations, is December 21, 2012. This is not a prediction of the end of the world. Here is what a Mayan elder says on the subject: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/6300744/2012-is-not-the-end-of-the-world-Mayan-elder-insists.html

These predictions are scare tactics, conspiracy theories, and chances to make money from books and movies.

Ever since the Y2K and 6/6/6 (June 6, 2006) End of the World scenarios did not pan out, the scare mongers, conspiracy theorists, book sellers, and television executives have been touting the 2012 End of the World scenario. When 2012 does not happen either, I am sure they will think of something else.

Here is also what NASA thinks about the 2012 End of the World scenario: http://pwg.gsfc.nasa.gov/stargaze/StarFAQ18.htm#q306

If you want a bit more information on the 2012 hoax, try: http://www.2012hoax.org

• The End of the World •

“But of that day or hour, no one knows, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. Be watchful! Be alert! You do not know when the time will come.” (Mark 13:32-33)

Jesus told us in no uncertain terms that we were not to know when the end of the world would come but that we were always to be ready.

The early Christian Church thought that Jesus was going to return at any moment. Only after a couple of centuries did the Church realize that it may be 2,000 or 4,000 or 8,000 years before Jesus returns.

The Catholic Church wisely follows Jesus’ advice and teaches that each of us should live as if we will meet our maker in the next ten minutes and that we need to work to make the world a better place for our 100 X great-grandchildren.

Do not worry about the end of the world. Trust God to make sure everything happens to plan. Just be ready to meet God at any time.

For more information, about what Catholics believe about the end of the world, see: http://www.americancatholic.org/Newsletters/CU/ac0993.asp

With love in Christ.

Linda asks…

End of the world 2012 ?

How does it make you think and feel that the History channel had the show on about the Myan calandar, as well as other past civilations, where their calandars stop on…………………………………
12-21-2012…What do you think could happen when the planets are aligned? Does it mean anything Spiritually?
Were these civilations astronomers or prophetic?

MarekMuraze answers:

The history channel is quite credible. So were all the prophets who predict this event. It seems only the people here in yahoo are scoffers. They fear what they know is very possible to happen.

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Your Questions About Planet Alignment

Carol asks…

why are horiscopes linked to witchcraft when they come from the alignment of stars and planets?

MarekMuraze answers:

Horoscopes decieve people into thinking that the stars have solutions to there problems instead of turning to God.There is nothing magic in it,and its clearly bogus!It makes millions of dollars each year by people who are fooled by the pyschological tricks used by so called astrologists.The bible condems astrology and warns about it very clearly.

However,I don’t think astrology is witchcraft,but that doesnt mean its not wrong.When people start looking for solutions to life and the unknown,the stars only take you so far anyway.Many times horoscopes are not accurate.Its up to you what you would like to believe.However I agree with what the bottom two posters said in one regard,dont let what people say influence you,you have to make up your own mind. Good luck.

Mary asks…

many people think the world will end, some said that the planets will align?what’s the connection?

what’s the connection of planet alignment to the end of the world?

MarekMuraze answers:

There is no connection between the alignment of the planets and the end of the world. Since the planets all orbit in slightly different planes, it is impossible for them to exactly align; and even if they could, their combined gravitational effect on the earth would be insignificant. The *change* in the moon’s gravitational effect on the earth as it moves in its elliptical orbit (its distance changes by 40,000 miles over the course of a month) is far, far greater than the *total* gravitational effect of all of the rest of the planets combined.

Most of the current “doomsday” prophecies are based on the assumption that the year 2012 has some cosmic significance, but it doesn’t. The whole 2012 doomsday thing is a hoax, and there is absolutely no scientific evidence that anything earth-changing will happen. First of all, the Maya didn’t predict the end of the world. Their calendar simply reaches the end of a cycle, and they had specific names for much longer periods of time, up to 62 million years. If they thought the world was going to end after a cycle of less than 6000 years, why would they bother? Their calendar was highly accurate, as was their knowledge of the apparent motions of the sun and moon (which is how eclipses are predicted–no fancy telescopes needed), but they did *not* possess any “lost” astronomical knowledge. As for Nostradamus, he didn’t give any specific dates for anything (he was too smart to make that mistake in his “predictions”, which the 2012 doomsayers aren’t). The Bible doesn’t make any date-specific predictions, either, and in fact it specifically states that the end of the world *cannot* be foretold.

Besides the alignment of the planets, a lot of other dire “predictions” have been made about 2012, and every one of them is false. Do you remember the Y2K doomsday predictions? The 2012 doomsday predictions are just as accurate. The people behind the 2012 hysteria are in it for the money. They sell lots of books and videos to people who don’t know any better. A lot of them were saying the same thing about 2003, and when the earth survived they picked 2012 because of the supposed significance of the Mayan calendar. When 2012 comes and goes and we’re all still here, they’ll just pick another date and sell more books and videos.

Mandy asks…

Strange websites about our DNA changing?

I have seen some strange but very odd websites! i mean this website was quite wierd cant remember the name of it but said about our solar system coming to a planet alignment and all this magnetic field and all this energy will change or mutate our DNA structure and that it is the end of our solar system, of course this is utter trash about the end of our solar system but i wasnt sure about our DNA changing so is our DNA changing from this planet alignment sor somthing?

MarekMuraze answers:

No, our DNA is not going to change because of planet alignment. Magnetic fields have nothing to do with the mutation of DNA- and even if they did, there is NO way that it could mutate your overall DNA, because to change a person’s overall genetic structure, you would need to change the DNA in every cell in the body. Every last cell, and we have billions. No, our DNA will not be mutated by some planetary alignment.

George asks…

In one of your answers a few years back you said there will be an alignment in 2010, when and what planets?

MarekMuraze answers:

Who are you talking to?

Lisa asks…

what can we expect from the alignment of the planets?

MarekMuraze answers:

What alignment of the planets? The planets are not currently aligned, except in a very loose way (six planets in the morning sky, but spread over 120°). Back in May, they were spread over 90°. Pairings and triplets of planets line up fairly frequently, several times a year.

In all cases, absolutely nothing happens when planets align. That’s because their gravitation forces are so weak because of distance that they have virtually no effect on one another.

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