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9/11 Conspiracy Theories (Part 2)

So this post is obviously a second part of the first terrific post about this subject. Basically in the latest article we focused on conspiracy theories involving the people that would conduct such a horrific attack. Although we all know it was Middle Eastern terrorist organizations, people seem to believe in a bad evil US president. What can you do with idiots…right?

In this article, we will talk about the conspiracy theories involving the buildings themselves and how they collapsed. Turns out these conspiracy jerks even understand commercial construction and engineering to say that airplanes could not (with the help of a lot of fuel) take the buildings down. I won’t be going against them alone though. In today’s article, I will have a good friend of mine chip in with his great knowledge. He isn’t just a random person I found off the Internet, but rather the best demolition contractor in Atlanta, GA who is willing to provide some sense (common sense.) First off, for people saying that the burning fuel would not be enough to melt the metal structure, please attend an elementary school physics class because your brains are filled with rotten crap – probably that mold in the basement.

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Conspiracy Theories, Fresh Ideas, Science

Apollo Program Fake? Not So Fast…

In case you haven’t understood, I am piggy banking off the conspiracy theory that existed regarding the end of planet earth, and taking it a step further. I think this site will focus more on anti conspiracy theory, folks…what do you think?

Anyway, in this article I will briefly discuss the Apollo programs and how people are so foolish to believe that the US actually staged the landing on the moon. Before I get into it, let me just make a very good point here: people are willing to believe in nonsense such as the end of our world in 2012, an “elite” group controlling the world and a lot of similar crap that is just a product of their imagination (not even the slightest hint about it) but aren’t willing to believe information provided to them by scientists and trustworthy sources. I mean trying to figure out the wiring of those people, they need a good format…I can tell you that!

So what are the common arguments trying to support that the Apollo programs didn’t really take place but were an act? Well, things like “why were there no stars in the images” or “why didn’t the transportation vehicles leave any tracks behind” and a lot of similar crap. Well for starters, I want you all to walk at daytime and look up in the skies and tell me if you see any stars. I rest my case…meaning that the glare is just so great you can never possibly see stars. When it comes to the transportation vehicles, the weight was just so distributed that it didn’t leave prints the same way human foot prints were left. And what was that about the flag? It had metal skeleton supporting it so it doesn’t fall down.

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Buying Real Estate On The Moon Or Mars

Hey guys, so when I was reading some things online to prepare for this second post for today, an idea struck me: can someone actually invest in real estate in space?

I did some reading and was convinced this should be the topic of the next post. If you remember, we have mentioned before, how people have participated in acts of fraud and this real estate in space is not so different. Basically if you Google something related to this topic, you will find a couple companies claiming to be the only legitimate businesses that can work as brokers for real estate in moon or Mars. And then of course if you read the thin small letters, you will see that the only thing they sell you (at a great bargain by the way) is a certificate. I won’t even go through the trouble of linking to these “companies” because they are based on fraud and deception: something I dearly hate!

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