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How The Media Misinterpreted Maya’s Prophecy

As you all know by now, this blog mainly focuses on the lie that was spread by many people (most people) in 2012. Everyone believed that to be the final year for our earth, as some planet would have a collision with planet Earth. For you to be reading this blog now, that obviously did not take place and we are all still living and breathing. So why did some “prophecy” from the ancient Maya civilization spread like fire and change its form in a very fascinating but also horrific way?

Well…the answer is actually pretty simple: mainstream media. They are like hawks for these kind of things. And although I may appear to come across as grumpy for something that took place a long time ago, as I have said before a lot of people were hurt by the lies that were being told. So the least I can do, is give respect and tribute to everyone who’s life got messed up because they believed that the world was coming to an end (and thus started selling everything etc.) So if you want to know who you should blame, blame the mainstream media. They are truly more powerful than governments, so the more you support them, the more lies will be thrown at you. And of course some of you may ask me: Sam what is your source for this? How can you make such powerful statements. Well…if we are to believe in science – and most people nowadays do – then you want to read this report from NASA.

To save you from all the reading, what it basically says, is that the Maya civilization just had to complete the calendar at some point. Basically the date 2012 was the original year in which according to them the world started. So in simple English: they just ran out of numbers. I mean put yourself in your shoes. You return home from a hunt, and you start working back on your hobby of these prophecy creations and calendar dates. No matter for how many years you believe the world will be existing, at some point there will be an end. Think of the bigger number for a world existence: sooner or later, some generation will fall upon that number of yours. Unless of course you say the world will never end (which is wrong from a scientific standpoint.) So they could have said 10X the number of years suggested, and again some generation somewhere in 20120 would believed during December that it was their final few days.

There is a lot of going on right now with politics, pop culture stories and you see the media always having the upper hand in these. Whether we like it or not, people are fools and we really do enjoy reading garbage. Think of pop culture and gossip: it’s such a huge industry because from nature (more like bad nature) we settle for very low quality entertainment and activities. What story gets more traction? Fifty children that died in a buss crash at a school trip, or a young person helping an elder cross the road? It is our fault for the way the media has become. If we weren’t such bad and cynical, they simply would not publish these horrific stories, a lot of which have deception within them. If you think lawyers are not very honest and are immoral, think twice about the media. The greatest power, the greatest influencer and at the same time the biggest deceiver. It’s all about feeding the masses. Whatever food we consume, that is what we will be fed with. If you don’t like fish, then you won’t eat fish. Same with the media; if you don’t like lies, they won’t feed you the lies.

Having said all this, before you start blaming just the media, understand that I have put responsibility on yourself. You are the one responsible for the content being published by the different “news” outlets. So take a look in the mirror, think of the type of shows or news report you listen and tune into, and then start pointing fingers. The problem lies within you and only when you decide to deal with it and fix it, can you ever expect a more rounded, more ethical and moral society around you.

My purpose here is not to preach to everyone, but rather help everyone understand that they too have a chunk of responsibility. And sadly, most people do not act in a very responsible manner. That is the beginning and end of all our problems. Let me know your opinion on this.

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