My Goal

What is my goal and why am I going through all this trouble? For the pure reason of getting this annoyance off my chest of stupid people. I remember it vividly how people were trying to convince me that our planet in fact would come to an end in December of 2012. It was something that I really didn’t think about nor believed. But yet people, that had nothing to do with science, were trying to explain to me how the alignment of the planets would mean the destruction of us all.

Honestly, I didn’t mind people having this stupid belief. It’s just like religion: you can pretty much believe in anything you like, and if you believe praying to the sun and earth is fine, then I respect that (although don’t agree.) My problem was the hypocrisy that existed surrounding the topic. People theoretically were convinced of the end of the word – our planet but yet had plans for that weekend, or were preparing to take a winter vacation a couple weeks after the “chaos” was supposed to take place. So you had a bunch of shallow people, that were really getting away with murder. And I say that, because not everyone was living in hypocrisy, there were many people that really believed 2012 to be the end of mankind and humanity. And guess where they got that information from…the hypocrites. That is what aggravates me dearly!

And to take that a step further: I am aggravated by people that theoretically support and love left wing politics, when in reality they don’t and only support it for their own earning and benefit. My problem in that case isn’t much that they are pushing false beliefs and theories around. I am not irritated of their fraud as much as I am aggravated by the fact that there are a lot of vulnerable young people (usually teenagers) that look up to these people and pretty much follow and do everything these influencers say and do. So their lives get screwed up, while these hypocrites can live off the great fruits right wing politics offer anyone who works hard (and masses are left out, in left wing poverty.)

So this page will have a goal of striking and smashing against the idiots that:

  1. Believed 2012 to be the end
  2. Convinced other people about this theory to the point that it destroyed many

As an extension, I may get into a little bit of politics (no personal preferences but hypocrisy from both parts of the problem.)