Oh this is pretty!

Yes it is…a very good number of years after the theoretical destruction of our planet. People bought out big underground bunkers to save their lives, other’s sold everything they had and gave it to the poor and others¬†committed suicide. That is the beauty of the Maya civilization calendar, that at some point had to end anyway, but stupid people (including some academics) believed to be a very accurate projection of our planet’s life.

In case you didn’t understand, I am going to be spending time through this site bashing this horrific propaganda that destroyed so many people’s lives. The planet alignment meant nothing as we very well saw, but even so, some people’s lives are forever ruined because some assholes decided to distribute fake news and false theories.¬†

Since I am just getting this site launched, I will spend more time explaining the purpose of this blog in upcoming articles.

Obviously I won’t be spending my time just whining about this but rather make mentions on the stupidity of this world. It’s not always going to have a harsh tone to it, but we are going to discuss some things that tie in directly to the 2012 planet alignment situation.

‘Till then stay safe!

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