2012, NASA and the Mayan Calendar

Answers to some questions about 2012 from NASA´s Ask an Astrobiologist, Dr. David Morrison, and information about ancient Mayan calendars and their base 20 numerical system.

Mayan Calendar coming to a End

For several years I’ve known concerning the Mayan Calendar visiting a finish on December 21, 2012. A lot of my of scriptural understanding of prophecies

and forecasts using their company sources for example Edgar Cayce return to the first seventies. My background in math an science in addition to my existence time fascination for that heavens

and ancient cultures has additionally filled my brain with lots of details and trivia. Recently, global global warming controversies and restored curiosity about the Mayan Calendar have

coupled with scientific details to help pique my curiosity about a realistic look at December 21, 2012.

I made the decision to find more information on in the future and try to separate fiction from fact. I additionally made the decision to arrange my findings and questions about this web site.

Just today, I had been getting attorney at law by what I’d read lately and that i pointed out the elevated amounts of photo voltaic activity which I’d just read they might peak in 2012.

That brought to some discussion from the Mayans, possible connection with alien civilizations, the scriptural idea of “the rapture”, elevated UFO activity after The Second World War and ideas that

present day UFO visitations may correlate to planetary changes on the planet and the chance that the aliens are here in order to save earthlings when Earth is destroyed.

Seem strange?

Think about this. We’d seen the previews from the movie, “Knowing”, however i understood little about this. Well, as fate might say I saw the film today. The discussion we’d earlier

was the theme from the movie. Leading me to my next question. Was this movie a concept of the federal government to lightly indoctrinate the general public to the thought of problems on the planet approaching

the entire year 2012?

Once you read a few of the ideas and details which i will show for you soon, this might not seem to date fetched.

Think about the following:

The very first time in approximately 26,000 years, the photo voltaic system will go through the plane from the Milky Way Universe as predicted through the Mayans. To begin with, how did they are fully aware this?

Now, for any snippet of proven fact that apparently lots of people do not know from Wikipedia:

“The Apex from the Sun’s Way, or even the photo voltaic apex, may be the direction the Sun travels through space within the Milky Way. The overall direction from the Sun’s galactic motion is for the

star Vega close to the constellation of Hercules, in an position of roughly 60 sky levels towards the direction from the Galactic Center. The Sun’s orbit round the Universe is anticipated to become roughly

elliptical with the help of perturbations because of the galactic spiral arms and non-uniform mass distributions. Additionally, the sun’s rays oscillates up and lower in accordance with the galactic plane

roughly 2.7 occasions per orbit. This is much like the way a simple harmonic oscillator works together with no drag pressure (damping) term. These shake frequently coincide with mass extinction periods on the planet most probably the greater density of stars near to the galactic plane results in more impact occasions.”

Have you catch that?

“These shake frequently coincide with mass extinction periods on Earth”

Now I watch lots of History, National Geographic and Discovery Funnel and I don’t recall listening to this.

Stay updated when i Investigate December 21, 2012, the Mayan Calendar and numerous other prophesies and scientific details.