• Psychiatry

    Recognize Symptoms of Mental Disorders Early

    More and more days, you may often see many people experiencing mental disorders. Some of them can indeed be detected early, but others are not aware of having a mental disorder in him. If you just don’t know whether you have a mental disorder, especially someone else. When you realize that something is not right in you, then it’s time for you to do psychiatry treatment so that the mental disorders that you feel can be detected early.

    There are many psychiatry treatments that you can choose. In some countries, there are also many psychiatry experts who are right and can be your choice to treat the mental disorders that you feel. In Littleton for example, there are many psychiatry experts you can choose from. Find the right psychiatrist in Littleton so that the treatment can run well and meet your expectations.

    However, beforehand, you must first realize whether you have a mental disorder or not. There are several signs that someone has symptoms of a mental disorder. Some of the signs in question are

    1. Changes to sleep and eating schedules
    If you see your child begin to have no appetite or trouble sleeping, this could be the initial sign of a mental disorder. Indeed, not all cases will lead to mental problems. But if this happens for a long time, you should be aware of it. Don’t take it for granted something you don’t normally do but instead becomes a habit. It could be a sign that you are experiencing symptoms of a mental disorder that you are not aware of.

    2. Slowly withdraw from the social environment
    Just like Awkarin did, who decided to withdraw from social media for a moment, this might happen to your teenagers. Pay attention, whether he starts to close himself and no longer play with his friends.
    This characteristic of mental disorders will not be seen immediately. Therefore, it is important for you to always pay attention and know the social environment of the child. If there is a change, you will know right away.

    3. You suddenly become apathetic
    If a child suddenly becomes indifferent and doesn’t care about things around him, you should be suspicious. This change in attitude will surely surprise you and even get angry because of a child who is ignorant about his environment.
    However, you should first identify and talk carefully about what happened to him until this change occurred. Apathy is also one of the most common features of mental disorders in children and adolescents.