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Talking negative about the conspiracy theorists a little bit more…

I know this is only the second post I am making and it has been some time. However I need to get one thing made clear: if any of you are conspiracy theorists, not only should you get off my blog this very moment, but also visit a psychiatric clinic of some kind (preferably a place where psychiatrist isn’t as crazy as you are with the theories.)

Many years ago when this whole alignment of planet was echoing all across the globe (poor people) I really had to tolerate a lot of human stupidity and nonsense. As I’ve said strongly here and here there were a lot of people that were trying to convince me that our planet was coming to an end, simply because the Maya calendar, sooner or later had to end (as if they could keep on writing for many many years after their time.) So I had a lot of what you would call “college educated” morons that have their heads stuck up their tails, trying to convince not only me but younger people too in school, that this in fact was legit and people should be prepared for the end of our world. No one had a clue of how exactly it would end, but they knew it would end (interesting.)

So me being stupid, I put up with a lot of these people and even got into verbal fights basically pointing out the obvious. Because it was such a great trend and many people were so fanatic about this really happening, I also had to keep my mouth shut. It is kind of when you are watching a football game at the Falcon stadium, and you are praising the opposing team. You don’t dare do something like that, or you’ll be stigmatized (best case scenario.) So now that this is all gone and many years have gone by after that? Well…it’s time for some payback.

I am happy to say, that most of the people suggesting the Maya theory is true, are still living in their mother’s basements. So that is a relief (I have no jealousy of course nor do I want their harm…it’s just that they ain’t safe even running their own apartments.) So having said that, I just want to also say a gigantic “I told you so” and go hide under your mothers home again.

Now that I got that off my chest, let us (the rest sane people) have a serious discussion about this. Many people have speculated (and are still trying) the end of our earth. For everyone that isn’t aware: earth like we know it, will come to an end at some point (and it has nothing to do with the climate change immature and liberal theories or World War 3.) Simply put, at some point our sun will go out, just like a light bulb. Stars do that all the time in the galaxies and our sun, being really a start at some point will just lose all its power (so that means all living beings on earth, will pretty much die from the cold and lack of food.) However, no one really knows when will that happen. Not even scientists can say when exactly will the sun burn out. Even if you look at it from a biblical standpoint,  it is said that no one, not even the angels no when this will take place. Many people try to look at world events and connect it to prophecies in the bible. Not a bad idea, but do you think you really have a chance discovering the exact time, if God doesn’t want you to find it?

The point is, a calendar from Maya, or even “climate change” (which we all know is a hoax by now created for purely political reasons) will not really signal that earth expiration date. No calendar can and honestly, no human can say when will that take place. It is as simple as that. You can either accept that, or keep on buying those under-earth bunkers to protect you from “aliens.” I don’t even think we are supposed to know when our earth will come to an end.

So please save your selves some time, and move on with your lives. The end of the world December 2012 was a hoax, climate change is a hoax (at least the part that humans are releasing more CO2 than sea plants) and most conspiracy theories are faker than they can ever be (including the the 9/11 conspiracy theories of the US killing its own people.)

Thank you for spending some time here at the “clear mind zone” where at least you know your brain won’t be poisoned with people that don’t have a clue of what is happening, are lazier than their dogs and are living in cold lonely basements.

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