The Photon Belt

Just as the earth rotates around the sun, the sun and all her satellites rotate around the galactic centre at a speed of one degree every seventy five years. So it takes 25,920 years to orbit the galactic centre once and this is called the Grand Cycle.

During the first half of the Grand Cycle, the solar system is close enough to the centre of the galactic centre to be bathed in light, but during the second part of the cycle we circle through the darkness of the galactic night for about thirteen thousand years. This is a continuous process since the beginning of time.

The rotational period of 13,000 years has repeating cycles of dark and light and corresponding periods of different states of consciousness. The last time the earth passed through the Photon Belt was when Lemuria and Atlantis were at the height of spiritual development before Lemuria sank into the Pacific Ocean.

At the time of the fall of Atlantis, approximately thirteen thousand years ago we entered the dark half of the Grand Cycle also known as the time of the Great flood. We have come to the end of the 13,000 year dark period now and we began a new 13,000 light period a short time ago. We are at the point of entry into the Galactic Centre where we will remain for two thousand years within the galaxy before we begin the next grand Cycle.

As part of a cyclic plan the earth and the solar system will pass through the Photon belt in 2012 and will remain within the galactic centre for 2,000 years.

As we move into the galactic Centre our Solar System is gradually coming under the influence of the Photon Belt light. The Photon Belt is a massive region within the galactic centre containing a high concentration of photons.

Since 1987 an influx of cosmic photon energy has been entering the earth from the photon Band within the galactic system in preparation for a massive transformation of energies here.

The Photon Belt and high powered energy

The Photon Belt contains high powered energy that will create a dimensional shift on earth. Within the Photon Belt the veils between the dimensions are very thin or non-existent. This will assist humans to make a dimensional shift in consciousness into the fourth fifth and higher dimensions.

When our Earth first entered the Photon Belt these frequencies started as short bursts of radiation. Photons are bombarding the earth more frequently now.

“A photon is a particle of energy representing a quantum of light or electromagnetic radiation.”

The Photon belt energy will be our main source of energy as it was in Lemuria and Atlantis. We can breathe in Photon energy into our physical, etheric, emotional mental and spiritual bodies.