John asks…

12-21-12 planet alignment?

Well some years ago all the professional astronomers thought that the big bang was slowing down. But they were all wrong because they found out that it’s moving faster as it’s expanding. So what do they know other then science. It’s like asking Darwin which came first the chicken or the egg and or man or ape.

MarekMuraze answers:

Patrick Geryl is a certifiable nut with damn little understanding of either physics or astronomy.

As to 21-12-12, find out for yourself if it is a real alignment or not.



Robert asks…

planet alignment on 12/21/2009?

I need detailed information about the planet alignments on 12/21/2009. How many planets will be aligned and is there any other astronomical (not mythical) facts to know?

MarekMuraze answers:

There is no planetary alignment in 2012 and the chance of an alignment comes to mere close in about 300 trillion years, more than the expected lifetime of the Solar System!

See why the world will NOT end in 2012 here:

If you like to go into detail by detail like a thorough research would, debunking each of the fallacy, go here:

Here’s a site that discusses further but is rather short and not time-consuming.


Here’s what NASA has to say, truthfully and scientifically:

Hope you read them all!

Don’t be fooled. Better stay informed with the right information from CREDIBLE SOURCES.

Feel free to share this information to anyone whom you think is concerned with this hoax.

Clear skies and have a nice day!:-)

Charles asks…

Can a solar eclipse and lunar eclipse both happen on 12-21-12 since it’s a planet alignment day?

Please Answer. Helpful!

MarekMuraze answers:

On that day there’s no solar eclipse:
There’s no lunar eclipse:
There’s no planet alignment:
Next question.

James asks…

What do you think the mayans meant by ending their calendar in 12/21/12?

like I know there the solar eclipse that year, the Venus eclipse and the planet alignment but do you think they meant anything else?(not necessarily the end of the world)

MarekMuraze answers:

Perhaps they ran out of room on the rock they carved it into.

More likely, it’s just the end of the Mayan long cycle and you’re just supposed to start from the beginning again.

Sharon asks…

What events are actually suppose to take place 12/21/12 ?

People have all kinds of theories about the date and whats supposed to take place, but I was more curious about the things that have been measured,proven, and assured to happen on that day, such as planet alignments or meteor passing, not necessarily those specific things but somthing maybe extrordinary that we KNOW from solid evidence that is going to happen. No predictions please, just facts if you would be so kind.

MarekMuraze answers:

Project blue beam is a government project that will create civil unrest and create mass panic, how they intend to do this is not sure but the evidence of this project is there and can be looked up under discloused government files so… Theories on how they may do this is another topic, but in short, they will stage an event as to enforce marshalll law. Stage Exterterstials coming to earth using holographic technology that we posess’s or create a masive natural disaster so the people will gladly hand over there rights to be protected…. As of 2012 nothing can be for sure looked at as evidence even if it was said to be evidence how can you really prove anything seen on the haha “news” or online.. Inless we see it for out own eyes it is all theory…. Check out web bot, hoppie indian prophocies, mayan calender, terrance mkenna’s time wave theory, biblical refrences and many other sources that from the perspective that is being presented to the public seemingly line up… I mean with all the hyper whether something was “supposed” to happen or not It’s going to because of all the energy surrounding this date… As of WHAT will happen, your guess is as good as the ones being prophosized…… My hope… Et’s will be discloused and what we do with our daily lives will change and the human race will be on a different route than this slavery of going to school and working to pay back a debt that was created by our corrupt government….sorry for the miss spellings

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